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Have you ever felt called to do something extraordinary?

This program is not affiliated with TED or TEDx. It is an independent program.

Did you know that TEDx organizers typically receive 200-300 speaker applications per event for between 14-16 speaker slots? Of those, usually fewer than 5 are allocated for ‘newcomers’. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Learn from the best!

Lori is a 3x TEDX speaker and a TEDx speaker coach. In her one-on-one VIP coaching package she’ll share the tips and tools that got her invited to give 3 TEDx talks in 18 months!

Here’s what TEDx organizers are saying about Lori:

There are stories of success that are almost expected and then there are those that challenge conventional assumption… Over the years we have had over 600 nominations for speakers through our TEDx program and I can honestly say, Lori has been one of our most well received speakers, closing off the program in 2015 to the packed house at the HK Arts Centre with a rare standing ovation. Vincent Ng

Founder, 1+1 equals 11 Productions and TEDx Wanchai, Curator

In this 90 day coaching package, you’ll:

  • Get clear. Discover the difference between and ‘idea worth sharing’ and just a good story.
  • Get confident. Conquer the self doubt. Get past that inner talk of ‘Who am I to do this? Is my idea really TED worthy? Can I really do this? The truth is there are very few new ideas out there – just unique ways of presenting them. Lori will help you put a spin on your idea that is ‘all you’ and help you craft it so you stand out from the crowd. She’ll teach you to quiet those negative voices that keep you fearful and away from achieving your dream.
  • Refine your pitch – Condense your idea and talk into a pitch that will get the organizers attention. Learn the biggest mistake most people make who don’t get selected.
  • Research – find talks in your geographic area or niche that align with the message you want to convey (Most TEDx organizers start looking for speakers 3-9 months in advance).
  • Review your current speech or help guide you in crafting a new one.
  • Elevate your strengths and reduce your weaknesses
  • Practice your delivery
  • Explore how to add humor to your talk
  • Discover how to read and manage your audience to ensure you connect and get them invested in your talk.

The training consists of 10 one hour session over 90 days plus one 90 minute intensive.
Spring into the Spotlight Special (3 available)
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