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Have you ever felt called to do something extraordinary?

Lori is a 4x TEDx speaker and sought after authority on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, innovation, embracing change, diversity, business growth and sales, and overcoming adversity. She has done talks for Google, several Rotary Clubs, Metta, AXA, The Harvard Book Club Prize, Amcham, and the HKU MBA programme.

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Lori Granito was a key guest speaker at a recent event I hosted as part of the AXA Customer Experience Annual leadership forum where she spoke on the topic of Customer Experience to a room full of Insurance Industry professionals. Her experience, knowledge and expertise provides answers to questions that anyone with customers and a desire to succeed would wish they had thought to ask themselves. She enchants, educates and entertains by being and sharing herself; warm and insightful. She has the enthusiasm of a student and the gifts of a dedicated teacher. Lori was the delicious difference that our guests will never forget.

Aubrey Edwards

Senior Manager, Customer Experience Team, AXA Hong Kong

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your personal entrepreneurial journey with the Google HK office earlier today. We are very grateful for your support! The feedback from the attendees has been very positive, so fingers crossed we will be organising more of these kind of events going forward. Let’s keep the spirit of entrepreneurship up! 🙂


On behalf of Women @ Google HK

Senior Executive Speaking Coaching

Effective communication skills can have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. In this day and age it is imperative that key staff be able to articulate clearly your organisation’s goals. If you want your senior executives to up their presentation game, then find out how to work with Lori for Executive Speaker Coaching here. No longer will you be stuck with boring presentations of old. Lori will teach your team how to communicate through both verbal and nonverbal skills and provide strategies that will increase their confidence and develop a unique speaking style.

Watch Lori’s Tedx Talk on Entrepreneurship.