Get Ready to Build Your Million Dollar Business

  • Are you clear that you have the talent to build a successful business, but are unsure of what the exact strategies, tools and skills you need to get you where you want to go?

  • Have you heard that you’re the perfect person to run your business, but secretly you’re sick and tired of starting and stopping, and being in confusion about what the next best step is to take in your business?

  • Are you ready to move past the feast or famine financial ups and downs in your business?

  • Are you ready to move past the feast or famine financial ups and downs in your business and hit consistent 30K, $50K and $80K months?

  •  Do you want your next launch to be 6 or multiple 6 figures that you can put on autopilot to rinse and repeat?

  • Do you want to stop selling low dollar courses and instead sell high ticket programs that get you to your income goals quicker?

Just imagine:

  • Having clear, unshakable clarity about your mission and what you need to implement to move your business forward

  • Putting an end to self doubt, depression and self sabotage

  • Being able to live your purpose, do what you love, and make crazy amounts of money in the process

What if I told you that you can launch, grow, or scale your business with me as a Co-CEO for 7 days focusing on what YOU want to achieve, so that you can plan and get accountability, along with other women who understand you, and a mentor who will guide you. A place where you can recharge, reboot, and re-focus– with laser clarity – on how to move your business and your life forward.

No More:

  • Feeling alone and overwhelmed in your business

  • Endless ‘To do’ lists focusing on the wrong tasks needed to accelerate you business, sales and profits.

  • Being overworked, burnt out and stuck

  • Not having a clear path to 7 figures

Instead you’ll:

  • Go from anxiety and stress to enthusiasm and joy – loving what you do everyday

  • Have the freedom to travel the world while your sales are on autopilot

  • Have more confidence than you ever had before that you are doing exactly what you need to do on a day to day basis to be successful and start noticing all the ‘Wow, I can’t believe this fell in my lap opportunities

  • Have a solid revenue roadmap to your 7 figure business

Want the blueprint for how I’ve created up to $3 Million a year in business revenue consistently for the last 12 years, PLUS 6 months of free group coaching to help you implement it? Then join us in Thailand where I’m going to personally walk an intimate group of soon-to-be Boss Lady Millionaires through creating their map to millions (and other world domination plans) while we reboot and recharge along the beaches at this Thailand Retreat.

What if I told you that you could jet off to an exotic location with a group of other high vibe women just like you who are committed to building million dollar businesses, minus the bullshit?

Women who are motivated go-getters with the courage to stand out.

Women who are going after what they want with confidence and aren’t apologizing for it.

Women who want to scale their businesses to US$1 Million or more.

Women who are dedicated to becoming the BEST versions of themselves.

Women who are positive, inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging.

Women who are ready to breakthrough their limitations.

Women who know they are meant for more.

“Working with Lori as a mentor and coach has been instrumental to my development as an entrepreneur. She helped me to sell my previous business and get the value I wanted, and championed me when I started my new Wellness Coaching business. She helped me gain the confidence to overcome my fear of public speaking (I’m still working on that!), and find my voice. The first event I spoke at resulted in 6 new clients! She encourages me to charge my worth and showed me how important the mindset pieces are to achieving my dreams. Her down to earth, no B.S., compassionate approach keeps me focused on my goals. Lori is hands down THE BEST coach in the business for anyone looking to take their business to the next level, gain more confidence and practical business knowledge, or just become a better presenter or speaker.” Ifat Kafry Hindes

Project Wellness

“Lori has been absolutely monumental in my success as a coach. In the short time I’ve worked with her, I was invited to be part of the Forbes Coaches Council, interviewed by media giants like USA Today and Parade, invited to speak at five different online summits, and made more in one day than I made in almost seven years as a coach. I don’t make a single business decision without consulting her. Her attention to detail, business acumen, and life experiences have allowed me to spend more time with my family, travel more and start living a life by design, rather than by default. My only regret is not working with her sooner.” Kathy Haan, MBA

International Success and Business Mentor, Forbes Coaches Council, Founder & Editor-in-Chief High Vibe Coaching Tribe Online Magazine

Get ready to step into your brilliance,

quantum leap your business,

and transform your bank account!

What better way to do that than by surrounding yourself with 10 other badass Boss Lady Millionaires in the making at one of the most beautiful locations in the world?

I believe there is nothing more powerful than a group of women coming together and supporting each other as they go after their dreams. And guess what? We’re not leaving any part of us on the back-burner. We’re not secretly hiding. We want to bring everything about who we are to the front and center of our businesses. We know who we are and what our purpose is. We know we have powerful talents to share with the world and we want to make a big impact. That’s what we’ll be co-creating at this retreat.


I’ll guide you down the road to phenomenal, mind-blowing success as we create a map to your first million dollar in business, deflate the fears and limiting beliefs you have around being visible and around converting conversations into dollar signs, elevate your wealth consciousness, and bust through the blocks that are holding you back from being the best entrepreneur you can be.


Retreat Details

✅ All inclusive stay in a 10,000s.f. luxury private villa in Thailand

✅ 3 meals a day plus snacks prepared by a private Chef

✅ Daily workouts with a private fitness or yoga instructor

✅ Powerful daily rituals to set you up for success

✅ Relaxing Massages to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit

✅ Rainforest hikes, excursions to local beaches and tourist destinations

✅ Videos and photos of all retreat highlights captured by a private photographer /videographer

✅ Transformational daily group coaching and mastermind sessions

✅ Targeted, private 1-on- 1 coaching sessions (one 45 minute session per attendee)

✅ FULL ACCESS to Lori’s powerful business knowledge, public speaking, wealth consciousness and mindset strategies & techniques for 6 full days

✅ Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in an optional ‘Give Back’ Day at a local charity.

✅ Luxury Swag Bag

Total Value US $15,000

About Thailand

Located in the heart of mainland Southeast Asia, Thailand is a country of mountains, hills, plains and a long coastline along the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. The most important thing to keep in mind is that Thailand is a religious country. The people here are very spiritual and there are certain ways to conduct yourself as a woman that will show respect for this culture and local customs.

Awesome Bonuses

✅ 4 months of group coaching calls prior to the retreat (Value $7500)

✅ 2 x 1:1 coaching calls prior to the retreat (Value $5000)

✅ 2 x follow up Group Coaching Calls (value $3000)

✅ All Attendees that choose Pay in Full option will receive a private 1-on-1 coaching coaching call redeemable anytime after the retreat (valued $2500).

Total Bonuses Value $18,000

WTF! What’s the FAQ’s (Frequently asked Questions)

Got Questions? We’ve got answers!

Who is this for:

This program is for women who are interested in swift progress in their business goals, enhanced productivity, and balance in their life. It’s for women who desire to create a thriving, kick-ass business they adore, while getting supercharged profits in one year or less!
1.What can I expect at the retreat?

You can expect to walk into one of the most incredible adventures of your life. The retreats is an all-inclusive experience that you will share amongst other women who are ready to go to that next level in life and in business. You can expect to make new friendships, uncover new insights about yourself that you’ve never had before, adopt a new positive mindset, and learn skills, strategies, and tips to take home with you for life. Most of all, you can expect a safe space where you can take off your super she-ro cape and ask for – and receive – the help and guidance you need without fear of judgment. Lori not only wants this to be the most fun you’ve ever had, but she also wants you to come and learn how to build a business you love so that you manifest the life of your dreams.

The purpose of this retreat is to get you out of your regular routine so you can focus on YOUR next steps, without distractions, and have high accountability. Destination retreats allow you to ‘get out of your head’ and gain perspective on your business. Also, as women entrepreneurs, we often put ourselves last, so part of the process is getting you to re-charge so that you can get back to business with fresh lenses when we leave. As a business and mindset coach, and creator of Boss Lady Millionaires Club, Lori will be sure to equip you with practical business and wealth consciousness knowledge that you will be able to apply to any part of your life, long after the retreat is over.

2. How long is the retreat and when exactly is it?

The retreat is November 5-12, 2021. Attendees will arrive to the villa on November 5th and stay for 7 nights. Attendees will leave the villa on November 12th. Airport transfers are included.

3. Is airfare included?

Attendees are expected to arrange their own airfare. However, that is the ONLY component of the retreat that attendee is responsible for once spot is claimed because some retreats are being held during “low season,” airfare is expected to be much cheaper at that time of year.

4. What is the sleeping arrangement at the retreat? Will I have to share a room?

The Villa spans over 10,000 s.f. meaning there’s a ton of living space, both indoors and out! That being said, yes, the rooms will be shared, but that’s how the best friendships are formed! The beds are also far enough apart to have your own space and we are asking all attendees to be fully vaccinated prior to arrival.

5. What about Covid? Is it Safe in Thailand?
Honestly, this was a huge consideration for us. Even though the rooms will be shared, we are taking every precaution to ensure a safe, healthy environment for our attendees. If you would prefer a room on your own, just email us and we’ll see about arranging this for you (at an additional cost). All villa staff and my team members will be wearing masks and face shields will also be provided for those who would like them. My team is also fully vaccinated and we are encouraging attendees to vaccinate themselves prior to coming. Our sessions will also be socially distanced.

6. What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Due to the nature of these events, all sales are final. Please double check that you are able to attend the retreat before purchasing your spot to avoid any issues. Sudden emergencies or tragic events that may keep you from attending will be handled on a case by case basis and all decisions made by Lori will be final.

7. Do you offer payment plans?

You bet! We know that high vibe women sometimes need to manage their coins, so you will see the payment plan offer at the bottom of the page with the other enrolment links. The earlier you lock in your spot, the more you’ll save.

8. Is there a benefit to paying in full?

Yes!!! In addition, to getting up to $1000 off the regular price as a bonus, the first two people to pay in full will receive 2 bonus extra 1 hour private coaching sessions with Lori worth $2500 each.

The retreat begins in:








Ready to say yes to your next amazing adventure?


If you’ve read this far, you’re probably on the fence, wondering if the Boss Lady Millionaires Club Retreat is the best fit for you. I can’t answer that (only you can!), but I do want to ask you…

What if, instead of feeling unfulfilled and trapped in your business, you were able to let your gifts, talents, and all those unique pieces of YOU, shine brightly and unapologetically – and have a clear path to making $1million in the process?

What would it feel like to be in complete control of your life, knowing that you’re doing what you love, making a difference in the lives of others, and giving back in a big way?

And what if every moment of your life – the choices you’ve made, the mistakes you regret, and the decisions that left you feeling powerful – had brought you here today, for this?

This is your chance to go BIG. It’s time for you to stop playing small and stop giving into those fears. It’s time for you to take control and write a new story, one that starts with your dreams of building a million dollar business. Now’s your time to live your life on purpose, with purpose, create your financial abundance, and impact more lives than you ever have before.

Are you ready to play full out?

You KNOW you’re here to make a difference, and are meant for BIG things, but you’re not quite there… yet.
You’re a woman who’s ready to drop the excuses, embrace your biggest dreams and make them reality.


Grab your spot in our villa by clicking on the payment button below before they’re all gone!

Total Retreat Package Value USD $33,000

US $12,000



(In-house financing available)

USD $11,800


 Pay in Full Discount


By attending the retreat, and making your booking, you agree to our Retreat Terms & Conditions.
*Extra Curricular Activities and Souvenirs outside of our itinerary and dietary needs beyond our menu will be the responsibility of the attendee.

Guest Experts

Diana David is a strategist and innovator with a focus on helping leaders to be more entrepreneurial and resilient in the face of constant change. She spent the past decade as a business leader and intrapreneur in the Financial Times’ senior management group, reporting to the board and in charge of developing and delivering the FT’s global strategy. She is on the boards of Davinci Labs, American Chamber of Commerce HK, Shared Value Project Hong Kong and Teach4HK and previously advisor to

Diana is a member of the Women Corporate Directors and The Women’s Foundation and past recipient of Asia Society’s Asia 21 Young Leaders award as well as a Luce Foundation Scholar. Diana has an BA from Occidental College and MBA from Columbia University.

Diana brings over twenty years of international experience in business strategy, corporate and venture investment, turnarounds and talent development across the US, Europe and Asia. Early in her career, she worked on high level strategy as a management consultant and began her career as an assistant to Dr. Henry Kissinger at Kissinger Associates in New York.

She launched the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors Diploma in Asia. Developed with Pearson, this is the first global post-graduate course specifically focused on training independent non-executive directors in the skills necessary to make a positive impact on board effectiveness and governance.

Diana has written since 1990 on topics ranging from investing and governance to innovation and travel. She is also the best-selling author of Hong Kong ABC children’s book, profits of which go to Room to Read. Diana David Wu

Entrepreneurial Strategist and Innovator

Tami Jaffe is a career success coach working with ambitious professionals and business owners to help them break through to their next level. One of the unique techniques she uses along with her coaching is energy work to help clear blocks, patterns, fears and limiting beliefs so that you can transform areas in your life and start living the life you desire. Tami’s energy work has helped people go from being in a state of desperation in their business and struggling to get any clients to landing 3-4 clients within 2 weeks of having their first session. Others have come to her in a fog of confusion of what to do next and after 1 session got complete clarity on what they needed to do.

I’m excited to announce that during the retreat, you will get a 30-minute energy session customized just for you by Tami. She will help you work through whatever fears or limiting beliefs come up for you while we develop your million-dollar business plan. Tami Jaffe

Career Coach and Energy Healer

Vickie Gould is a certified Law of Attraction Marketing and Book Coach. She helps her clients go from blank page to Best Seller and beyond. As a result of working with her, Vickie’s clients are able to help others struggling like they once did, attract ideal clients, make the impact that they want and leave a lasting legacy through their Best-Selling Books.

She has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. She often contributes to HuffPost and Thrive Global, both started by Arianna Huffington. She also previously published the online magazine, Real Deal Magazine.

Vickie has 6 Best-Selling books and she has helped 52 entrepreneurs become Best-Selling authors as well. Her greatest joy is in seeing their message come alive in WORDS.

She lives with her husband and three kids in Michigan, along with her addiction to superhero shows on Netflix. Vickie Gould

Certified Law of Attraction Marketing, Book Coach

Highly sought California based personal brand photographer Rebecca Lindsay brings her unique style of photography to each session. She has worked with luminaries such as Deepak Chopra and Lisa Nichols. With two decades experience in capturing natural, authentic imagery for coaches, entrepreneurs and world-changing luminaries, Rebecca connects with the person in front of her lens to make each session relaxed and enjoyable. The results are truly authentic images to up-levels her clients personal brand. Rebecca is also a Master Yoga teacher. Rebecca Lindsay

Brand Photographer, Master Yoga Teacher

About Boss Lady Millionaires Club
Boss Lady Millionaires Club (BLMC) is a community for women entrepreneurs who want to reach US$1M-$3M in revenue in their businesses within 3-5 years (or less)! BLMC is NOT a get rich quick scheme. We are high vibe, high achieving women who recognize that the only way to have a successful business with the potential to reach 7 figures is to have a plan and to execute it. We rise, we grind and we get shit done. We go after what we want by being true to our authentic selves and un-apologetically charging our worth.